Friday, November 27, 2015

First of many

From here I'll post about stuff.

What kind of stuff....

Computers, from the PDP-8 12 bitters Through Transport triggered Architectures
with some bias from DEC and 8080/Z80 spaces.

Operating systems, again from the world external to all things PC (IBM PC running DOS on though  as they are just appliances.), what I'm referring to are places like CP/M, TOPS, RT-11, VMS and a lot of others.  PC stuff will be incidental to doing some of those or more.

Communications, this will cover ham radio and electronics, broad you bet.

Me, just an old broad that has something over 50 years hacking and later engineering radio and computers.  I have opinions and ideas and experience.  Extra class ham, KB1GMX, and avid builder  and experimenter.  When I'm not doing that I design stuff for a living.

Follow as you will.


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